Burning ★★★½

If Jim Jarmusch adapted a book called "No Country for Young Women" in South Korea.

How great this movie is depends wholey on how much you enjoy cryptic symbolic situations and the fact that Korean filmmaking loves to dissect its western counterpart.

Its message is awesome in the same way as the Dark Knight, as Burning tells you very simply what ideas to look out for: Nihilism, Faulkner, detached relationships, old vs. new etc. This is also why it becomes slightly dissapointing as the movie seems to lack culture.

I'll explain. contemporary danish movies seem more and more like they take place in Denmark while they are removed from the ideas that relate to danish culture. One of the pleasures of watching "foreign films" is the dissonance of structure and narrative conventions and the fact that this particular movie could not have been made anywhere else.

the story of Burning, in my eyes, could have taken place anywhere. This does not make the movie worse only simpler. Also the ending didn't seem to match the rest of the movie.

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