Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind ★★★★

”Too much fire gives birth to nothing. Fire can reduce a forest to ashes in a day while it takes the water and the wind a hundred years to grow a new one.”

Respect for nature, strong female characters, soft and relieving sense of humor, stories about sacrifice and miracle and the cathartic nature of creativity and imagination. These are Hayao Miyazaki’s favorite elements, he mixes these with his incredibly endless creativity and artistic vision and creates films which are aesthetically stunning and thematically touching, his films reflect the modern world’s regret and guilt but Miyazaki’s optimistic approach to stories which are dark and melancholic in nature make his refreshing and inspiring. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is another deep, beautiful and memorable film from the Japanese master and one that reminds us the purity and splendor of the nature and the merciless brutality and selfishness of us humans. His favorite themes of sacrifice and faith are present here and the protagonist of the film, a young princess named Nausicca, has similarities to another of Miyazaki’s unforgettable creations, Princess Mononoke. Someone with vision, someone who can see and feel things that other people can’t, an individual who becomes the protector of human race, a simple character who by sacrificing himself gives life and hope to others, in the crazy world that Miyazaki creates people have lost the right path and likes of Prince Mononoke and Princess Nausicaa are the prophets, the liberators, they are Miyazaki’s knights in the shining armor.

There is something charming about Miyazaki’s traditional style, the colors and the kind of exaggerated style of painting characters and imaginative creatures make the process of watching more and more enjoyable, who needs CGI or 3D when the primitive pictures are this gorgeous?!

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is another stylish and amazing work from Hayao Miyazaki that once again reminds us that exploring the works of a creative and farsighted artist is among the most pleasant experiences that one can have, in short it is a wonderful piece of art that is cheerful, imaginative and intriguing. One of Miyazaki’s bests.

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