Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★

First half of Spring Breakers is amazing. It portrays a generation that is tired of every day routines and wants something more than just ordinary daily life and wants to have some fun and it explores sexuality, violence and ambitions of this generation. In its first half, Spring Breakers is about some teenagers and the movie acts like a teenager. It uses high speed editing and novel camera angels with some “cool” music to get closer to the mood of its central characters. Awesome film making in the first half with some brilliant scenes (the robbery scene for example). It’s as amazing as it is surprising in the first half.

But in the second half Spring Breakers tries to act like an adult and that’s where it gets lost. After girls meet Alien (James Franco) it seems like that the movie doesn’t know what to do with its characters and where to go. So it turns into a boring music video. In its second half Spring Breakers is a collection of offensive dialogues, offensive –and excessive- nudity and offensive directing and writing. The “poetic” final sequence tries to remind us that the young “innocent” girls we used to know are no longer innocent and we have to be aware that the world is a cruel place that it turns “innocent” robbers to brutal killers. It’s as stupid as it is offensive in the second half.

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