Annette ★★★½

as someone who found La La Land utterly vile to the point of rejecting it as a movie as a whole I didn’t have a lot of hope for an artsy froo-drop-fnerr French version of it, even if it was the Holy Motors whack job doing it this time around. and while I thank Adam Driver for doing a lot of good work for the rest of us tall big-nosed gravelly-voiced looming weirdos (big ups, dawg) I’m not always convinced he’s the mark of quality. so imagine my fucking surprise that most of this movie bangs. hell most of this movie fucks. and I hate babies. and sports. but this felt like holy motors guy mainlined half of Bronson up his nose like a brace of white charlie and then watched forty musicals from the forties while listening to a Deleuze lecture, and folks. folks! that’s my shit. three and a half stars of glory. just needed more Sparks songs.

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