Dune World

Dune World ½

why the fuck did I do this to myself? because I found a dune 2021 screener and was creaming my fucking charcoal burberry trousers (I don’t wear a lot of jeans) that I was able to nab this before suddenly…Polonia! like a vision that stalks…Polonia! like special effects from an early nineties fmv adventure game…Polonia! “scaredness is the brain hurt” kmart-grade attempts at soft-peddling Herbertian analysis…Polonia! say it with me now. Polonia! Polonia! Polonia! sandworms that look like dollar store puppets…Polonia! live for Polonia! die for Polonia! become changed, in the eyes of Polonia! nerf guns painted silver to act as lasguns…Polonia! whatever community college they filmed this at…Polonia! whatever plug-in desert they barely keyed in…Polonia

beyond the trauma of human failure…Polonia!

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