Tenet ★★½

it’s not that the plot is unnecessarily labyrinthine and dispersed in laughably clunky exposition, it’s that the plot is fucking unnecessary. Nolan could have named this “Time Guns” and stripped out 95% of the dialogue and it would be the same movie

the set pieces are majestic and epic and awesome, but don’t try to sell me “gun-fu with a temporal physics lecture” and pretend you’re the new Kubrick. 

(watched this on a buddy’s screener and every time his email overlay popped up, it was comedy gold.)

it’s fine. it’s a movie. I’m sure when I watch it with an edible in my guts and pay way less attention, I’ll like it a lot more. but what a frothing mess of nothing to have these over the top and admittedly neat set-pieces. Interstellar was hokey, but it had a heart. Inception had a thousand plot holes, but it got by integrating the narrative with the special effects. Insomnia...actually Insomnia is incredible, no complaints. this one just clashes; sound and fury signifying a lot of effort, but not enough follow through.

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