Upgrade ★★★★½

rewatched this with a friend while pretty decently in our cups and I noticed a lot more neat details about the background tech of the world that really fleshed it out way more for me this time around. a very sheer and touchscreen world but with a grimier surrounding aesthetic, kind of like a world that would evolve into the same bombastic tech as Prometheus. then again maybe that’s just because Logan Marshall Green aka “is that Tom Hardy? that ain’t Tom Hardy” is in it. he’s much better in this, for sure.

Gray Trace? hell yeah, Verhoeven me hard, baby. 

the action sequences are still delightful romps. just bashing and smashing and crashing. having had some distance from the last time I saw it, and having not had the action ruined by the trailer (cough) it was still quite impressive. 

love that fucking ending. just perfect. I wish more movies had the guts to go with that kind of ending.

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