The Menu

The Menu ★★★★½

“Do not eat. Taste. Savor. Relish.“

The Menu is one of the biggest surprises of the year for me. It’s a truly biting satiric dig at ‘foodie’ culture that’s executed perfectly in terms of direction, pacing, performances, music & so on. 
Ralph Fiennes is phenomenal as always delivering a captivating villainous  performance that’s just absolutely magnetic. Anya Taylor-Joy plays our lead and she’s just killing it. She stands tall over a pretty great cast and she’s definitely one of the highlights of the film. The rest of the cast deliver some impressive work as well, notably John Leguizamo as a washed up movie star trying to create a travel channel food show & Nicholas Hoult as an obsessed food fanatic.
Colin Stetson does the movie for this film and he knocks it out of the park as always. Even when he’s scoring a movie I don’t like (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 for example) he still consistently delivers some incredible work.
I’m unfamiliar with Mark Mylod as a director but damn does he pull off some great stuff here. Mylod somehow maintains constant tension throughout the entire runtime and it’s helped by some razor tight editing by Christopher Tellefsen. The structure is great by dividing the film into chapters (if you want to call it that) in an unconventional way that I won’t spoil. Also, the cinematography by Peter Deming (Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, Twin Peaks) is gorgeous to look at. 
Lastly, we’ve got the unique story by Seth Reiss & Will Tracy which is a darkly comedic satire with some light horror thrown in for good measure. However, I’d best describe this film as more of a thriller. While the horror elements are there, most of the film’s story is just pure tension with a familiar setting (a restaurant in this case) & throughout the course of the film it becomes more & more claustrophobic and dangerous. The film lampoons the absurdity of ‘foodie’ culture taking jabs at both the food itself & those who consume it. 
Overall, The Menu is definitely one of the years’ best films by having a talented ensemble cast, slick direction, gorgeous cinematography, a sharp script & a tight script. High recommend, Bon appétit!

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