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  • Fesu Gojira 3: Gaigan Raishū

    Fesu Gojira 3: Gaigan Raishū

    Two Godzilla vs Gigan short films in one day?! And this one uses Tokusatu?! I loved this short film and has a pretty great one take.

  • Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex

    Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex

    Wonderful, just wonderful. A great animated short for the 68th anniversary of Godzilla. Loved the design of Gigan Rex as well as this new Godzilla design. Also it might take place in the same continuity as the Heisei run? Which is really neat!  Also the re-use Ifukube’s extremely powerful track ‘Requiem’ from Godzilla Vs Destroyah was a nice touch. Happy Godzilla day!

  • Mad God

    Mad God

    “I’ve just become extinct.”

    These were the words Phil “Dinosaur Supervisor” Tippet uttered when observing the first all digital dinosaurs during the making of Jurassic Park. Since then, we’ve been living in a digital age of visual effects with stop motion being few and far between. However, in secret, Phil Tippet meticulously crafted a nightmarish vision that take 30 years to complete.
    Mad God is a horror experience. There is no real plot, no exact structure, but rather a journey…

  • If Anything Happens I Love You

    If Anything Happens I Love You

    Emotionally devastating, but immensely important.  It’s not an easy watch at all, I’d even go as far to say it’s kind of a day ruiner. However, it’s an essential watch. The color scheme is very limited to just grays & light browns. Then all of a sudden there’s a hard cut to the inside of a school with fully colored American flag just standing front and center. And it’s kind of depressing that you know exactly what is going to happen next.…

  • Godzilla vs. Hedorah

    Godzilla vs. Hedorah

    A fun little anniversary film that’s beautifully made. God, this makes me wish that whenever TOHO decides to start making Godzilla films again that they’ll start using Tokusatsu again. Seeing Godzilla & Hedorah on screen physically interacting with environment & destroying it genuinely made my day. I also geeked out hearing Godzilla’s theme from the original  Godzilla vs Hedorah at the end.

    If you’re a Godzilla fan, definitely check this out. It’s only 5 minutes long and it’s worth it.

  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie

    The Super Mario Bros. Movie

    “Okay Boss, should we get beloved video game voice actor Charles Martinet to voice Mario for our film?”

    [Snorting an ungodly amount of cocaine]

    “B-but sir-“


    “Oh God…”

  • F9


    Not exactly sure how to rate this, it’s like trying to review a Wrestling Pay Per View, it just feel weird. This series is consistently entertaining, stupid, & hilarious (intentional & non-intentional). I’ve yet to watch a ‘terrible’ Fast & Furious film, the worst thing a movie can be is boring. So this one is about a apocalyptic doomsday device that has to be retrieved before being assembled, and also has a prequel thrown into the mix in the form of flashbacks. It’s another…

  • Creating an Army of the Dead

    Creating an Army of the Dead

    An interesting behind the scenes documentary that delves into the set design, visual effects, & make up. It’s pretty neat stuff.

  • Star Wars Biomes

    Star Wars Biomes

    This is a beautiful love letter to the wonderful world building that the Star Wars series have created over the years. There’s no single narrative, but instead a genuine experience. It’s a relaxing trip throughout the multiple worlds within the Star Wars universe that only needs breathtaking visuals, incredible sound design, and outstanding music to accompany it. 
    It also doesn’t take up too much of your time, it clocks in about 18 minutes. So if you’re interested in a meditative & peaceful journey through the Star Wars universe, give it a watch.