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  • Balawis


    This was a lot of fun. Really fun monster design and a full suit. He kind of looks and walks like the main troll from Ernest Scared Stupid. There's even little babies. People resurrect him or accidentally unleash Balawis I think, then they try and capture it and it makes him furious and he goes on a rampage, eating and sucking people dry. This is what I want from horror, from monsters.

  • Apache



    Everyone in this looks like such an idiot. I go into this period of American Western fully expecting the goofy white 'Indians', but Lancaster and Peters look so profoundly stupid. You can tell Aldrich tries to make it a little darker than your standard 50s fluff, but I understand there's only so much he can do as the stoic brave must inevitably submit to romance.

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  • Kung Fury

    Kung Fury


    I've been dreading this stupid thing ever since it was spawned on Kickstarter and the wave of zealots all over the internet poured in to give some random bloke more than half a million dollars to make a big budget YouTube video that makes fun of movies and 80s pop culture with a green screen. Unique!

    Everything I hate about internet humor, millennial ironic nostalgic masturbation, and the faux grindhouse/VHS revival shoved in to thirty minutes of painful desperation and…

  • Gwendoline



    Every time I watch this it grows closer to being in my top 10. And yeah, I think it's firmly planted there now. Ever since I first saw this a few years ago I became obsessed with it and couldn't stop thinking about it or wanting to watch it again and again. There's not many movies I could watch at any given time and not grow tired of it, but this is certainly one of them. Everything I love in…