The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

- Movie Roulette Round 7 - Luke

i don’t know what the fuck i expected honestly. i kept telling myself “there’s absolutely no way this can get crazier,” and then i’d watch someone shit into a jar, and boil it into gold while sitting in a glass steam chamber completely nude. this has to be the most visually unique thing i’ve ever laid my eyes on, nothing else even comes close to it. it’s like looking through a kaleidoscope of horrific sights, genitalia, and religious imagery. still, it somehow manages to make all of it feel needed. once you’ve plunged into this, nothing feels out of place. you’re in its domain now, you don’t get to decide what’s normal or what makes sense, that’s not up to you. and there’s something weirdly beautiful about that?

i’m not gonna bullshit you, i have no idea what this thing really is. i have an inkling of an understanding of its general themes and ideas, but opening my third eye and truly “getting” The Holy Mountain may not be a feat i’ll ever achieve, and i think i might be okay with that. for now, all i need to know is that this was a nightmare that i’d gladly repeat again.

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