The Strange Thing About the Johnsons ★★½

Didn't really have any intention of watching this, until I saw the BROCKHAMPTON interview where they gassed this up for like a minute and a half, and I trust those boys with my life so I immediately put it on.

As much as I love Ari Aster, this just didn't really do it for me. It's a disgusting story, truly. Out of everything I've seen of his, it's probably the one that got the most visceral reaction out of me.
I'm a pretty soft person when it comes to watching people go through emotional trauma, meaning it fucks me up a lot more than it should. With something like Midsommar or Hereditary there's enough else going on in the runtime to distract you from how horrifying the trauma the characters go through is, but in this, the entire runtime is the emotional trauma, and I really did not enjoy that. Especially considering how deeply fucked that trauma is.
I can completely understand why some people love this, but I can't find myself sharing the same opinion.