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  • Better Watch Out

    Better Watch Out


    I thought this movie was amazing, and I never want to watch it again due to its insane levels of what my sister coined as “Joffrey viewing experience”

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    There’s some seriously creepy stuff like Billy’s voice and some of the silhouette stalking, but I really didn’t understand the praise until I realized this came out before Halloween.

    Margot Kidder is my newest crush

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  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High


    This movie is such a vibe.

    I stayed away from it for a long time because of all the “brat pack” 80s teen movies, this one felt like an outlier that I wasn’t too excited for. And in a way, I was right. But in another way, I was way more wrong. It’s not like the others of its time because it doesn’t carry that ever slightly heightened tone it’s successors do, but rather keeps a relatively true connection to…

  • Spider-Man



    I wasn’t always the biggest fan of Raimi’s Spider-Man, but I’m so glad I’ve come around to it now. It’s so much fun, and I think his cartoonish and campy style blends so nicely with just enough heart to make it a sincere and successful take on Peter Parker.