Halloween ★★★★

This is my 2nd viewing of Halloween (2018).
First time watch in theaters on Friday Oct 19th. (Yep .. 2 yrs ago I remember the date.. pretty crazy huh)

Bought the Blu-ray when it first came out (now this one I don't remember). Never got around in opening it until tonight!

Naturally, before watching the feature film I have to watch the bonus first. Disappointed they were a bit short but still enjoyable. Loved it when Jamie Lee said "Hallowomen" .. made me smile.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode is Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor from Terminator 2. Anyone else pick up on that? On how they are bad-asses!?

* My Favorite sequence: The Babysitter

* Best MM moment: MM putting on that mask

* Best MM kill: Well Damn.. pretty much all of them! Can't really pick one.

* MM mask: Vintage

* Score: B o o 🔪 T 🔪 f u l l

! Halloween Kills I believe will not be released until Oct. 15, 2021 which I'm so giddy for and can't wait!

! Fun Fact:
My cell phone ring tone is the original Halloween theme that I use all year round :)


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