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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Gotta start my Birthday weekend off right!

Was everything I was anticipating.
Will be randomly spilling my thoughts about after watching this as my mind is all over the place at the moment (good/bad mix)

🔪 Beautifully shot!
- In beautiful Wilmington, NC none other!
- Cinematography especially on Michael Myers it was... ART!
The close-ups and long shots. Spectacular!

🔪 Loved both versions of the Myers' house ('78 to 2018)
- Gives me more ideas when drawing out the interior design.
- Loved the green paint, at least that's how it looked to me, and well just everything they did with the new design of the house.

🔪 Kills were good and so Michael!
- My favorite kill and yet so simple: Was when the lady was shooting at Michael in the SUV and Michael hits the door back and it pulls her arm back and she shoots herself. Since this is my first viewing I will be watching it again this weekend cause now I gotta go back to watch the 2018 as I'm like why is Karen wearing a Christmas Sweater? It's the simplest details I can't remember. But then again it is still very new.
- Also, the other good kill I liked: Staircase railing with that boy Cameron. Then Michael comes down and looks at him and finishes the job (which I knew something was coming).

🔪 Michael getting hosed down with the water. HAHAHA

🔪 Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle? IDK
- The way they depicted him in this version? IDK just still weird and off in a way. I really can't quite grasp it yet. I think that Brian Andrews could have still been part of this. Movie choice decisions always a factor and or maybe he turned it down? IDK
Even if he didn't revise the role as Tommy Doyle I think he still should have been part of it.

🔪 Kyle Richards as Lindsey and Nancy Stephens as Marion: Love seeing them as always but wished they had a bit more longer parts.

🔪 The bit where the "mob" is beating up Michael... I already had a hunch as to what was gonna happen after and with Laurie explaining the dark side of Michael it was perfect!

🔪 Now in the Myers's house and Karen goes into the "room" and looks out through the window: BAM! was not expecting that at all but in a way it was amazing! Don't get me wrong I love Judy Greer but in a way her character is week. Even in the 2018 (again getting familiar with a new ride/story perspective) I really didn't like the "character" type I guess.

🔪 Of course the score! Amazing!

🔪 Dr. Loomis: Tom Jones Jr. and Colin Mahan playing the voice! Well done!

🔪 Hospital scene: Chaotic

I will be watching this again this weekend!


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