The Beta Test

The Beta Test ★★★

The Beta Test sees a welcomed return of Jim Cummings both in front of and behind the camera yet again. This time around, his critiques are levied at the Hollywood system, scumming men in the age of #Metoo, data mining, infidelity, American corporate…… this movie really has a lot to say, so much so it’s like drinking water out of a firehose. The themes and what the director pair want you to take away from the movie feels unnecessarily obtuse and obscured by how the script bites off more than it can chew. Thankfully, it’s a well shot movie, cleverly masking its slim budget, and sporting a good sense of humor. If anything it’s enjoyable to watch the chaos unfold, as our main character continues to double down on his mistakes.

I do agree with a few people on this site, that while JC’s performance is as riveting as always, there do seem to be finishing returns on his frantic male meltdown shtick. I hope he changes things up next time, if he chooses to star in his next movie. This is nowhere near. A bad movie, hence the rating and me insisting I enjoyed my time— but the movie gets in its own away with its exuberance and over ambition. So eager to speak its mind, it forgets what impact it wants to leave you with.