Adopt an Action Star: Tom Berenger

I’m stealing this list idea from Geoffrey Broomer, one of my favorite Letterboxd users, and adopting the excellent and always overlooked action star, Tom Berenger. Geoffrey’s idea is quite simple: watch the filmography of an under-appreciated badass, absorb the sweet carnal knowledge that’s passed on through their films, and, uhhh, list it on Letterboxd.

I’m going to try to stick to Berenger’s action films and rank them by my star ratings. However, I may throw in a few thrillers and light-action crime films, but there most definitely won’t be any of his feel-good romantic comedies, overblown dramas, or The Big Chill. I also won’t include films where Berenger is arguably not the action star, like Faster, which sucks anyway.

Read notes
  • The Substitute
  • Sniper
  • Shoot to Kill
  • Sniper: Ultimate Kill
  • Sniper 2
  • Fear City
  • Blood and Money
  • Sniper: Assassin's End
  • Sniper: Legacy
  • Sniper 3
  • Diplomatic Siege