Favorite films

  • Climax
  • Fantastic Planet
  • Come and See
  • Mind Game

Recent likes

  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
  • The Boy with Green Hair
  • Shoplifters
  • Thumbsucker

Recent reviews

  • Fan Girl

    Fan Girl

    I can normally enjoy a bad movie as much as a good one but this was genuinely the worst movie I’ve ever seen and not in a good irony-posioned way. This movie made my skin crawl and caused restlessness in my body to the point where it actually felt like I was experiencing opium withdrawals again. With every fiber of my being I wanted to leave but I just couldn’t look away from this train wreck. I think the director was…

  • Love on a Leash

    Love on a Leash


    The way no one is talking about this FILM
    (I don’t use film lightly so I mean it) is a tragedy to mankind. Unironically good. 
    This sensitive, charismatic, thought provoking, and unpretentious film shows that truly anything is possible. 
    Not a stagnant moment. 
    I am completely inspired by this masterpiece. Makes want to get off my ass and create something no matter how bad.