Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★

eesh. the fighting was super difficult to watch, a lot more than i was prepared for. i feel like the writing and performances in this film were the most theatrical of the trilogy, but the overall message was definitely the most real. relationships crumble and fall apart. and acknowledging this won’t save us from it. 

but true love isn’t meant to be perfect or spotless or indestructible. that’s what’s so damn powerful about it. you can’t let that go even if it means packing up everything and moving to paris with a woman you met on a train.

celine was right about men still believing in magic. i believe in magic and these films are exactly why. maybe not in the “mom-does-everything-around-the-house” type of magic. maybe it’s subtler, tucked away where you have to seek it out. like a film trilogy about a romantic utopia that devolves into an uncomfortably frameworthy snapshot of real life.

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