Holy Motors

Holy Motors

well that was... something. 

fuck. i mean, what WASN’T it? there was crime, romance, love, art house, comedy, and even a musical beneath the impenetrable surface of holy motors. with every “appointment” comes a tonal shift that flips the movie you think you’re watching on it’s ear. it’s quite disorienting but also extremely unique. the best i can describe it is the deformed lovechild of glazer and jodorowsky, which if that sounds like a weird combo it 100% is

love the cinematography. plays with perspective a lot and adds to the perplexing nature of this story

i have no idea what to make of what i just watched if i’m being completely honest. i guess this is a company that hires people to put on performances or something?? the way everyone talks about this ulterior audience and shit but all the appointments seem eerily connected... honestly i’m not even gonna bother. this was just so weird and out there and it was kinda awesome in the sense that it pushes the boundaries of what a cinematic story can look and feel like

i will say accordions have never looked so fucking badass. & also that was one of the funniest endings i’ve ever seen

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