god damn. watching those locations roll before the end credits was like the cherry on top of this unbelievably fucked up true story.

even beyond just being a respectful and honest retelling of the real life exposé of the catholic church’s pedophile ring, spotlight is a perfectly crafted work of cinema that steps back and address the basic ethics of being an outsider and the definition of journalistic integrity.

the film presents a puzzle left untouched and unnoticed by the world and unravels it with such dry sincerity. the cast and the screenplay elevate the complexity of this story too, from the members of spotlight to the abuse victims themselves — all the acting and writing is stellar.

i also love the way spotlight portrays the role of media as a double edged sword of sorts, that was very accurate and well conveyed in my opinion

i can’t say i’m surprised that this won best picture, it’s a very powerful, very memorable movie. and that silent night scene... wow. absolutely speechless.

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