Dunkirk ★★★★

This is propbably my least favourite film by Christopher Nolan so far, obviously I did enjoy this movie enough but I still had a few problems with it that I could't turn a blind eye on like the fanboy in me is supposed to do.
The first and major complaint I have is that Instead of a tension that unfolds in visual storytelling Chris chooses a loud ass score and sound effects to make the viewer feel the intensity of the situation. besides this film takes the most friendly war film I have ever seen award, the PG 13 action does not do it for me and I wasn't a fan of the way the airplane sequences were filmed as most of the time I could't tell who was who.
Now that my bitching is over I'll give credit where it's due and the thing that impressed me the most besides the realism is that you never get to see the enemy and despite this fact you can still feel the third reich closing in on the allies , also the somewhat gimmicky storytelling approach worked for me and tbh I was surprised by it because I haven't read any reviews or seen any trailers of this movie before I saw it a couple of nights ago.
Anyway I guess I enjoyed the film enough, I did not feel bored at any moment throughout its runtime, still it's not one of my personal best war films of all time or anything.


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