Kill Bill: Vol. 1 ★★★★★

My parents used to watch this all the time in our living room when I was young, and I subconsciously labeled it as one of the random action movies they love. “The title says it all yada yada why should I watch a film about a woman obv trying to kill a man named Bill yada yada.”

But damn. I was wrong again! This is a fucking masterpiece. Tarantino takes revenge movies into a whole other level (just like he did with Western). The pacing is brilliant, the storyline is engaging, the choreography is up to a T, and the violence is made with such fucking style that only Tarantino can manage. I am in love with the charm the exaggeration brings to the screen, and the visceral thrill ride after. Definitely one for the books. This franchise should be filed under a list of movies where you can’t call yourself a true cinephile unless you’ve seen all of them.

So excited for Vol. II!! I will now retreat to my room where, instead of doing my homework, I will be brandishing about a curtain rod and pretending to be a bad ass assassin.

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