Solo: A Star Wars Story ★½

AAAAAAHHHH. I was really looking forward for this one. ): 

A fellow die-hard star wars fan told me that despite not being a ‘good’ movie, it was still worth watching, and I totally banked on that. But nein. I like the idea of it, of supposedly witnessing the becoming of Han Solo, but damn did this miss story-wise as an origin story. Alden and Dan did nothing for me as Han and Lando, and the new characters *despite having Emilia Clarke and Phoebe Waller-fucking-goddess-Bridge to name a few* weren’t as likeable as I’d hoped they’d be. Besides the pacing and the plot twists, I found nothing else to be engaging.

Also, quick take on the cinematography. At first, I thought it was MY COPY but really, it was the movie. So sad about that one. Still though, a lot of respect for Bradford Young (bec Arrival).

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