The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

This movie is just another proof of how misleading trailers can be. Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t mediocre. It’s not even bad. It’s just that the promise of a stellar cast somehow gave across the impression that the movie was going to be stellar as well.

All the good things about this movie: The acting, the cast, the pacing, the plot and how religion was portrayed, Robert Pattinson, and the ending. I’m sorry but this is probably also the first time I am able to appreciate Tom Holland’s acting. The ending, in my opinion, was very good. I can’t imagine a better ending than the one given. I liked the overall message about wondering whether it was all a grand design or just a mere coincidence. 

All the bad things about this movie: 
1. The directing. My golly, what was that narration for? Usually, I find myself drawn to movies that get the narration right. Movies with narrations usually go for some type of charm, some form of flair. Off the top of my head directors who excel in this are the likes of Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, and Danny Boyle. This movie had no charm whatsoever.
2. The obvious leeway in order to give RPatz his outstandingly plausible -but totally unnecessary, in terms of the circumstances during the scene- performance. Little things like this take me away from the moment. Instead of forgetting myself and getting lost in the moment, in the movie, I find myself admiring the actors’ work instead, fully aware that I am watching a performance. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on how you look at it. I just think that experiencing the former is better than the latter.
3. The mere thought of you knowing that this could’ve been done better especially in terms of execution, is very bothersome.

Again, this isn’t a bad film. I recommend going into it with the least of expectations, and maybe then you might like it more than I did. You know that feeling of satisfaction you get when you watch a good movie because you know it achieved exactly what it wanted you to feel, whether it be disturbed, elated, or wondering what the fuck happened? This movie just didn’t do that for me, and I’m quite sad about that.

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