Wolfwalkers ★★★★★


As a child, I have always loved fairy tales and folklores – whether it be about a princess locked in a tower or a sea monster waiting for its prey. If you love beautiful animation and magical stories filled with love and unpredictable twists, this is the 2020 film you’ve been waiting for.
    This new feature comes with the distinctive style Cartoon Saloon is known for, and an unexpectedly heart-warming tale woven with old magic; the magic we are told of as children. The myth? Werewolves, but far from what you think a story about werewolves would look like. 
    You will cry, both from tears of joy and pain. You will smile at the stories of friendship, childhood, and the heartwarming love a parent should give and receive. You will be filled with dread as the story takes a dark and seemingly unescapable turn. Your heart will beat as you root for the protagonists of the story and the happy ending they most deserve. You will fall in love with Robyn, Mebh, the film, and of course, Cartoon Saloon. Simply put, Wolfwalkers is a glorious imagination made real, and a movie I am excited to raise my children on one day.
    Friends, you deserve the good things in the world, and Wolfwalkers is one of them.

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