The Innkeepers ★★★

Oddly engrossing movie that combines slacker comedy with an eerie ghost story. The two twenty-somethings who are the only staff remaining in the soon-to-be-demolished Yankee Pedlar Hotel are trying - not very hard, but there's a reason for that - to prove the place is haunted. The cast is exceptionally solid, with a standout performance by Kelly McGillis and a pretty wonderful cameo by Lena Dunham. The frights are effective, but few and far between, though the climax is a honey. Ti West has made his reputation doing slow-burn horror movies like this, and I can see fans of full-tilt gory horror having little patience with this, but fans of older, more understated horror will find much to like here. There's about as much horror in The Innkeepers as in your average made-for-TV movie, but the filler in your average made-for-TV movie is not as entertaining .