Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa ★★★½

"My Spanish name is Mucho Ding-Dong."

Nothing more than a simple series of sketches that play more like a Jackass Best Of than an actual film, but when it's funny, it's barnstormingly hilarious, with Knoxville and co. breaking out a selection of often inspired set-pieces. The Ladies' Night 'celebrations' at the strip club had me laughing the most, but the film finds its bite in the grand finale; a candid dissection of beauty pageants that just about out-Little Miss Sunshine's Little Miss Sunshine.

Plus, it strikes a more interesting chord than any of the Jackass films ever did, particularly in relation to just how much aggression you really can direct towards old people and children. It makes for a tamer watch than any of Tremaine's previous madcap feature-length efforts, but the double-act between Knoxville and astonishingly-committed child actor Jackson Nicoll gets some fascinating and occasionally intense reactions from the general public. Behind their personas, they can get away with just about anything until the film crew steps in.