Young Frankenstein ★★★½

"Frau Blücher!" *horse whinny* - Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (Fronkensteen?)

Words cannot express how much I wanted this to have a laugh per minute rate like Airplane!does. I wanted this film to shoot every possible gag at the screen like there's no tomorrow, and I know for a fact that they'd all hit home. But it doesn't. Amusement is dispensed in doses throughout instead of the all-out assault I was expecting.

Not to say it isn't funny. It's hilarious in parts. The running joke concerning Frau Blücher's (*horse whinny*) name and the sheer presence of Marty Feldman and his face are hysterical, and the duo of Peter Boyle and Gene Wilder singing 'Putting on the Ritz' is ridiculously feel-good.

But there's so much room for more stuff. Maybe this is just me craving a bit of over-kill and it would fall flat if it had any more humour packed in, but it worked in Airplane! and every other Zucker/Abrahams film, so why can't it work here? Perhaps this is the template for their works, and they've gone on improving from here, which I suppose is no bad thing.

There's no denying that Young Frankenstein is a very funny movie when it wants to be. But I feel that my expectations were so completely stratospheric that they couldn't help but fall slightly flat.

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