• Carving Magic

    Carving Magic

    I was waiting for this to go completely demented, and it never did. Props to HGL for straddling that line between homecooking documentarian and horror auteur, shooting each joint of meat with equal parts succulence and surgical precision. As an educational relic, it's very enlightening, also horrifying in its masculine grandstanding, but also weirdly egalitarian in the same breath? It's a tutorial video where both men and women are able to learn from each other and are open to being educated and building their skills, and despite being a vegetarian's worst nightmare, I found that pretty relaxing.

  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


    What this lacks overall is Baron Cohen's uncanny ability to stitch people up and get away with it. The fact that Borat as a figure is so recognisable is both liberating for the filmmakers and a massive obstacle; the potential for experimenting with disguises and personas is there, but more often than not, it's not mined deeply enough. Thank god then for Tutar Sagdiyev, a character that provides a lightning rod of both solid laughs and biting satire whenever she…

  • Blood Feast

    Blood Feast


    LEGS CUT OFF!                  

    12 Prisoners Beat Me Up, Nazi Charges

    Beer-Sipping Horse

  • Hellraiser: Hellworld

    Hellraiser: Hellworld


    Rick Bota finally finishes having his way with the Hellraiser franchise with what is comfortably the most blasphemous of his anthology trilogy, but also the most entertaining. Look, I'm only human: Henry Cavill mega-acting his way through the beginning of his career is a riot, and I was constantly aghast at the sheer huevos required to make what is essentially Halloween: Resurrection meets Saw, but wrapped up in the trappings of a Hellraiser flick. It's easily one of the most…

  • Hellraiser: Deader

    Hellraiser: Deader

    The register of this film can be pinpointed directly to the scene where two seasoned journalists watch an apparent snuff film and completely buy into its authenticity, despite the tape being edited and shot exactly like the film that the said journalists are in. A real mind-bender.

  • Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

    Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan


    Agreement not necessary.

  • The Wind

    The Wind


    I've never understood why certain filmmakers insist on throwing their narratives into a blender and choosing to run each act of their story alongside one another for the sake of keeping their cards close to their chest. This is a classic example, chopping up its story into three threads and lining them up in order to peel back layers of mystery and intrigue on its tiny cast of characters to...what end? To mask the fact that its so-called ambiguity is non-existent? Honestly, if this sort of silly movie was told linearly, at least I'd have a bit more respect for it.

  • Vampyr




    Beautifully unburdened by any generic context before it, the fact that this was made almost adjacently to the Bela Lugosi Dracula is astonishing. The presence of sound is almost irrelevant, with Dreyer still relying on pure and simple filmmaking grammar to tell his story as evocatively as possible. Arriving on the scene after The Passion of Joan of Arc is no easy task for any film ever made, but while Dreyer looked into the windows of the soul for…

  • David Bowie Is Dead

    David Bowie Is Dead


    Straight up one of the best films, long or short, about a city in existence.

  • A Day in the Country

    A Day in the Country


    Yeah, it's gonna take a lot of an absolutely rapturous amount of formal reverie to excuse that 'Last House on the Left does sex comedy' vibe.

  • Hard, Cracked the Wind

    Hard, Cracked the Wind


    chip shop gothic is IN this season

  • Friendship's Death

    Friendship's Death


    "I never got a chance to expand my theory about the big toe and the subordination of women. Without the big toe, we wouldn't be walking upright, the hands wouldn't be developed. The mouth wouldn't be freed, so that language wouldn't be developed. The new large brain, which expands with language, could only be supported on an upright spine. But, at the same time, children couldn't grab a hold of their mothers with their feet as well as their hands like little apes can; they had to be supported and carried, so women were inhibited in their movements. We had to stay home."