Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★

Part 2 of my "wandering through the desert" double feature (after Gerry), Paris, Texas, while a much better movie, didn't quite hit me the way I hoped it would. Sure, the American iconography is excellent. Harry Dean Stanton, one of America's best actors, is doing a great job here. Ry Cooder's work on the slide guitar is phenomenal (no surprise there), and the cinematography is beautiful. But... I feel like it lacks a certain heart? Don't get me wrong, the rapport between Travis & his son is adorable, but the movie seems to gloss over the fact that Travis is, like, a really shitty dude. Won't go further without spoilers, but it's portrayed oddly, at least in my eyes. Still, by no means a bad movie, and god knows it was better than Gerry.

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