The Man from London ★★★½

Béla Noir! Love the approach to the genre here, very ambient. It ain't a masterpiece, but when it falters it's for very distinctly Tarr reasons. In my (admittedly minimal) experience with the guy, all of his movies tend to be character studies, albiet with the central character being a blighted landscape or a system of doomed/depressed people interlinked. Here, the character in question is one guy. It's not that Tarr can't handle this, he can, it's very compelling, it's that he loooves to luxuriate in his worlds, and here, there isn't much of an interesting world to luxuriate in. 30-40 minutes shorter and you'd be approaching a fantastic and uniquely Béla Tarr crime flick. With this runtime and this much meandering worldbuilding in service of practically nothing, you definitely get a uniquely Béla Tarr crime flick, but it isn't hard to see how much more this could be if the focus was pulled as tight structurally as it was textually. Still a delightful genre experiment, and every bit the sensory treat you'd expect from Tarr, Hranitzky and Vig.