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  • Howard the Duck

    Howard the Duck


    A funky and feel-good movie if there ever was one! The world just wasn't ready for it in 1986.

    If you go into it with an open mind, I think you'll have fun. Leah Thompson is charming, and the music rocks. Howard is smart and cynical. The third act is batcrap crazy insane.

    And I dare you not to crack a smile during the finale! Love it!

    Honestly though- it probably needs to be tightened up a bit. It's maybe…

  • The Evil of Frankenstein

    The Evil of Frankenstein


    Somehow a Peter Cushing film I've never seen, and a Hammer Frankenstein I've never seen!

    Maybe for good reason? It's alright. But the Monster looks like a melted paper mache mess- a weird cross between Boris Karloff and Peter Boyle.

    And it completely ignores the continuity from the previous two films.

    But Peter Cushing is still Peter Cushing, and a joy to watch. He has a nice swashbuckling exit from the Burgomeister's bedroom at one point.

    The film itself looks…

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    John Carpenter's masterpiece- the perfect film to watch during Blizzard 2016.

    Only Kurt Russell can make a ridiculous "Yosemite Sam" hat look cool.

    "They're not Swedes, Mac, they're Norwegians!"

  • Enemy



    Between "Nightcrawler" and this film, Jake Gyllenhaal had one hell of a year in 2014.

    I wasn't sure if I liked this one at first- but it definitely resonated with me in a strong way. It stays with you, and leaves you thinking.

    It's a surreal look at a man struggling with the encroaching responsibilities of fatherhood- at least that's my take. Some definite echoes of Kafka and Lynch here.

    I was really taken with how the film itself made…