The Lair of the White Worm

The Lair of the White Worm

as previously mentioned, don't like not leaving reviews for movies, yadda yadda. so i'll leave you all with this:

i was going through a pretty big kfc spicy chicken sandwhich phase at the time i watched this, since i'd JUST gotten back from oklahoma, where breigha made the mistake of treating me to the most delicious chicken sandwhich in the entire fucking world. so now, whenever i eat a kfc spicy chicken sandwhich, i think of this movie.

OH! i was eating a spicy chicken sandwhich (from kfc, as i stated above) WHILE i watched this movie. that detail's pretty pertinent to my really riveting story here. also? i just checked the dates, and this was after my 2nd ever shift at my job. interesting! to me!

alright well i hope that was an extremely entertaining read for you all i'll see you in the next review sleep well night night i love you!

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