Manhunter ★★★★½

Only had this at 3.5 stars when I watched it back in 2008. I've never been enamored with Michael Mann's approach, but the way this did it for me this time makes me want to rewatch all his movies (yes, even The Keep). The blaring guitar as William Petersen gently touches a high rise window, almost psychically willing the evidence that will lead him to the Tooth Fairy's identity is masterful stuff. This movie is beautiful and ethereal and thematically rich.
I think my hang-ups previously were watching this specifically as an extension of The Silence of the Lambs when it's something different entirely. Additionally, not only am I more cinematically literate than I was 15 years ago, but also I've been able to think about this in terms of the show "Hannibal" which I watched the first season of recently and was repelled by Hugh Dancy's performance. Petersen is great here, but also the context of what the series was trying to do, made me better appreciate what makes the character of Will Graham tick.

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