The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

"I want a steak; a God damn steak. If I had a steak... a rare and bloody steak... if I had a steak, I would fuck it."

Eggers just became one of my all-time favorite directors with this follow-up to The VVitch. His consistency of vision and tone control are close to unparalleled. His movies don't feel directed, but spontaneously pulled out of the materials in the frame, like Michelangelo's sculptures (despite the obsessively meticulous attention to detail).
Easily the most beautifully shot and effectively edited movie from 2019. I found myself horrifyingly entranced at every frame. This is a trippy poem of Biblical yet profanely archaic language, mythological allusions, seawater, piss, shit, blood, cum, vomit, and other, uh, secretions. Loved the weird laughs, the intense imagery, and the trippy, Lynchian nature of it all. As the end credits started to roll, my wife said, "Uh, I could watch that again right now," and was totally serious. I didn't take her up on it, but I kind of wish I did.

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