Lady Bird ★★★★★

“Movies are like a machine that generates empathy”
-Rodger Ebert 
No quote could be more accurate to describe “lady bird”. It’s light hearted whilst also unstoppably sad.  Greta Gerwig has such a strong talent for film making that she makes her voice heard though her films. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, but it’s quite close. The stand out for me was Laurie Metcalf who delivers a nuanced, grounded and totally believable performance as Marion- especially towards the end whilst she is driving, the subtlety of her tears completely sell you on her character. Again big props to Gerwig for being able to communicate what a character is thinking/ feeling by saying nothing at all, just having the film build up to an emotion climax that by the peak you feel completely empathetic towards a certain person. Mwah.