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  • Deadly Prey

    Deadly Prey


    Colonel Hogan!
    What do you want?
    They're all dead!
    Dead Tom's dead?
    That's why we call him Dead Tom!

    I'm paraphrasing since I don't even know which way is up after this movie. I have so many questions. Why does he need to eat so desperately so soon? Why must he spit-wash the worm? Where did he get the caveman club prop? Why is everyone's best insult 'stupid bastards'? Is a grenade in the pants a euphemism? And last but not least, which mercenary said "let's put him in daisy dukes cause reasons"?

  • Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters

    Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters


    Mexico in the 70's was a scary place. Apparently monsters would rove in packs and wrestle anyone in sight.

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  • Toxic Shark

    Toxic Shark


    The dialogue is more deadly than the shark. I hate the word 'toxic' now since they shoved it into every little nook and cranny of conversation.
    Surprisingly though the CG in these is getting a little more tolerable. Or I've grown numb. Toxically numb.

  • Gong Tau

    Gong Tau


    "Flying Head Gong Tau is the most powerful Gong Tau."

    Despite the very subpar digital graphics thrown in, Hong Kong black magic Cat III tends to always be a good bit of fun and reliable for some gross-outs. And it's got a lot of that 2000's variety of cheap fadeout/dissolve edits. Still, the gore is mostly great (and plentiful), and the plot's enough to keep it moving.

    Part of the 2019 Cult Movie Challenge

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  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    It is so rare to find a movie that's so good it hurts. Especially in dramas or comedy. And even more so when it has a four hour runtime. That combo is basically impossible. Love Exposure is the impossible.

  • Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness

    Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness


    It's basically a Japanese Harry Potter. With Satanic rituals. And voodoo. And nudity. And beheadings. And gore. And lesbians.