Nomadland ★★★★½

There are very few movies that feel less like movies and more like experiences. The casting of real-life nomads telling real stories intertwined with Frances McDormand actually living this life (mostly!) for months, including sleeping in her van (sometimes!) and working those jobs just puts this film at a whole different level than anything I’ve seen recently. Some thoughts:

• Frances McDormand is always incredible but her nuanced performance her is just next level. I don’t know how she doesn’t dominate awards season here.
• the fact that there’s no big “turn” in Fern’s life or lesson for her to learn here is what truly sells this movie. The world doesn’t allow for her to do that, at least for her. She’s just a nomad now, isolated in some way forever. 
• Chloe Zhao, wow. Just captivating filmmaking. From this to Eternals? Cannot wait. Our Anti-capitalist lord.
• the second fantastic film to really give a glaring look at the realities of the “American dream”, along with Minari.
• SWANKIE!!!!!!!!

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