The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★

This genuinely bored me to tears I am so sorry. For way too much of this film I genuinely glued my eyes to, I thought there were three main men, but also they are all the same man. I get it, there's the baker and the comic book artist. Every milquetoast man in this goddamn endless episode of Girls looks the same because none of them have any traits besides a job, an age, probably a name I forgot, and a relationship with Julie. Everyone in this movie is so deeply unrelateable it's less that their self absorption is the problem but for me personally the lack of surrogate to connect to in a character driven drama that strives for relatability. I just feel like all of these people would shove me aside in a coffee shop.
There are some nice surreal scenes, intercut comic strip art, or even just some well shot and intimate vaping, but... what for? An almost commendable sequence has the group of millennial try shrooms for the first time in small doses, and this is used as a framing device for Julie's mental image of her pregnant body made horrific to her, stretching out and morphing as time passes at rapid rates. Could we have done this without the drugs oh sure but this is a serious middlebrow arthouse movie we can't just have cool things happen, can we? (I promise you, your anxiety nightmare sequence is the same level of weird regardless)... oh yeah, this bit is then eclipsed by both drug real and real real Julie using her own bloodied tampon as warpaint. Her character is a relic of the buzzfeed red glitter underwear era, and though many will claim this is an element that's deconstructed, there's so many cancel culture over the word whore/period power/mansplaining anecdotes it becomes the text of the film. Oh, while we're at it—how did this manage to make sex unsexy?! Renate Reinsve is really cute!

I get that this is supposed to have some overarching message about developing empathy and how your decisions affect the lives of others, but didn't like Blues Clues convey the same in a hundred minutes less? Great blocking, beautiful blocking.

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