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  • GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords

    GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords

    Went headstrong into this believing that the Rock Lords were guitar thrashing heroes, sad to find out they just turn into motionless rocks whenever they get scared.

  • Enter the Ninja

    Enter the Ninja


    A film made for anyone who has ever gotten upset that the hero, known for his skills, struggles versus the goons. Franco Nero mows down everyone even while looking like a sweaty old wet cat.

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  • Black Legion

    Black Legion


    The radio portrays a voice of authority appealing to Frank Taylor's (Humphrey Bogart) insecurities as a husband, worker, and American. These insecurities lead to joining a KKK stand in (The Black Legion) whose victims are immigrants rather than dealing with any race issue, commiting horrific crimes toward those in the community.

    This is Bogart being bad, but not in the comfortable bad that we love him for in his later films, he is jealous, angry, and violent portrayed as a…

  • Interstellar



    Like all Nolan's films there will be a mainstream backlash about how dumb the film is, which will focus on plot holes, exposition, and things like Michael Caine's insane last scene.

    Except the problem with "Interstellar" is that it views us as dumb. It talks down to us as it spells out what human emotions are. There is an attempt to define something and it's done so thoroughly that the film acts as a dictionary reading more than a work…