Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★½

“Let it burn!” 
This entry does certainly register a pulse whereas the first (second?) film was nearly flatline 

I already felt like the 2018 version was faded from my mind and stale, even having rewatched it less than a week ago. 

I love Michael Myers the character but trying to keep this fully realistic in the linear timeline doesn’t really work. 
Something about a balding and grey haired Myers just feels off. If you do the math on his age, he’s pushing 70. At least 10 years older than Laurie (Curtis). 

Was Myers doing some heavy weight lifting and cardio to keep up his strength and conditioning? No he’s just standing immobile and with his muscles wasting. 
Now that I’ve presented a near worthless argument and missed the point of these movies entirely, enjoy Halloween Kills!

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