Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park ★★★★½

The main event is unquestionably the first T-Rex attack, and the film may deserve 5 stars for that scene alone, but on this watch, everything prior to and building up to that wasn’t great. I’m downgrading this to a 4 ½ only because that first hour did drag a bit and I didn’t get the sense of awe and wonderment I did the first ten times I watched it, but its been at least 5+ years, so I would have hoped to be captivated from the first scene on and it wasn't the case. But I also know that’s Spielberg’s MO when it comes to creature films, don’t show us much for the first hour.

The CGI is a little rough looking despite the consensus opinion that this film still did it the best. I think what is meant by that is the practical effects, the animatronic dinos that are actually present, are relied on heavily in this film and are A+ top notch. With some perspective, the first time we really see a full dinosaur should have been one of those, because the brontosaurus biting the tree leaf was some UGLY CGI, sorry. Gripes aside, it was fun for the kids to see this for the first time and ask to see The Lost World soon after. If only they knew that it’s mostly downhill from here, but I didn’t have the heart to tell them today.

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