Ernest Saves Christmas

Ernest Saves Christmas ★★★

Ernest P. Worrell is a taxi driver. Santa Claus is...well...Santa Claus, and when he gets in Ernest's cab at the airport he tells him about his plan to retire. Every hundred-or-so years Santa's power weakens and he need to pass it on to another. He's arrived in the city to find a successor and he has to have it done by 7pm.

If you're like me and have never seen an Ernest film before, I would say that he is sort of like a live action Bugs Bunny without the ears. On one hand, he's a master of disguise and an overall great guy, on the other he's a boob. A real cartoon of a man.

Ernest Saves Christmas is a wholesome Christmas comedy that can be enjoyed by the entire family. It's not my type of comedy, but it has it's timeless charm. I'm glad I finally caught an Ernest film and I'm glad I did. It won't make my list of Christmas tradition films but it's a good one and done.

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