Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★★½

31 Days of Horror 2020 - Film 15

Freddy Krueger is in hell and powerless because the children have forgotten him and hence don't give him his fear fueled power. In a last ditch effort to return he invades the dreams of a dead/sleeping Jason Vorhees and takes the form of his mother, commanding him to rise and kill the children of Elm St. Jason does as commanded and people suspect that Freddy is back. His plan starts working but it works a little too well as Jason keeps stealing Freddy's kills. This inevitably puts them on a collision course both in the real world and in the dream realm to decide who gets to continue their killing spree.

After Jason goes to Hell's legendary ending this film was ten years in the making and I think they nailed it. The setup for this plot is actually brilliant especially when figuring out a way to make this happen that works with both franchise's 20 years (at the time) of lore. The haters would be hard pressed to figure out a better way to bring the two universes together. Watch the first 7 minutes and really think about it. Even the replacement for Betsy Palmer fucking rules. If that iconic image of Jason walking onto Elm Street while they show the street sign to the "ch ch ch ah ah ah" sound doesn't do it for you nothing will.

I used to think it was a slap in the face for the studio not to bring back Kane Hodder but there's been so many actors who have played Jason that I've finally come to terms with it. Plus, don't shoot me but I believe Ken Kirzinger plays the role every bit as good as Kane. I'm a huge fan of both slasher icons but Jason has always been my number one and he most definitely gets his share of bad ass kills in this. Buckets of blood and gore. The teens are not safe awake or asleep and their sense of desperation grows as the film goes on. I can't help but have a Kool-Aid smile on during the entirety of the two epic battle scenes too. Classic.

Freddy VS Jason was directed by Ronny Yu. The same shitbag that set Chucky on a 20 year comedy routine and seems to love his awful NuMetal soundtracks. Imagine being the producers and studio executives sitting in a room discussing the greatest horror crossover in modern history and choosing Ronny fucking Yu of all people to direct? Bananas. Somehow this movie still manages to rule in spite of him and seems to get better with age (aside from the soundtrack).

One thing I don't get is, this film makes the same stupid plot flaw that Jason Takes Manhattan (the worst in the franchise) made. Suddenly Jason is afraid of water....yet he emerges from water in both films so how scared is he really? So fucking stupid but I've grown to forgive it. To date, this is the final appearance of these two legends, the 8th Freddy and 11th Jason film and their highest box offices before their reboots. This is also the last time the legendary Robert Englund played Freddy Krueger. Kinda sad when you think about it. Almost 20 years wasted and only two mediocre reboots since then.

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