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Halloween Kills ★★★★

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Evil dies tonight!

Halloween night. Immediately following the events of Halloween (2018), Michael Myers escapes his predicament and makes his way back out onto the streets of Haddonfield to continue his night of terror.

The first time I watched this film was last weekend in a cabin in the woods. My friends and I were hammered so I couldn't give it the attention it deserved. I decided to re-watch the first film last night with a clear mind, and now it's time to give Halloween Kills a proper viewing. Nick Castle the original Michael Myers and James Jude Courtney the stuntman do a fucking awesome job of bring the monster to life. Jamie Lee Curtis doesn't command as much screen presence this time around but she's still excellent. The Laurie Strode character arc is still looking good. I suspect she will take center stage in the last film of the trilogy. I had to rewind and pause the Loomis cameo multiple times because it was so well done. In fact quite a few characters from the first film have parts in this one and John Carpenter returns with his son to helm the musical score. What an excellent way to really drive home the point that this trilogy only follows the original 1978 film.

On The Last Drive-In With Job Bob Briggs, director David Gordon Green and producer Jason Blum said that this version of Michael Myers is not supernatural. Eh? I find that incredibly hard to believe after the events in this film. Try counting the amount of life threatening injuries Michael sustains. There is no way that he's just some lunatic on a mission. Speaking of lunatics, Michael Myers is even more brutal than he was in the last film, embodying the best aspects of both the original Michael Myers and Rob Zombie's iteration. This is top form Michael Myers and it's a blast to watch.

Halloween Kills is another blood soaked home run for David Gordon Green and Blumhouse Productions. Both this film and the one before it rule and I can't wait to see how it all ends. I see a lot of love and a lot of hate out there for Halloween Kills. I'll be over here in the love bus if you need me.

Did you notice the shoutout to Halloween III: Season of the Witch? I love that shit.

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