Megan Is Missing ★★½

We start with two fourteen year girls who are best friends. Megan is the shitty one, a girl who is into drugs, sex, and parties. She's the off the rails girl that is every father's worst nightmare. Amy is the exact opposite. She's disliked by the shitty kids and bullied. A great person who is a excellent student, doesn't do drugs, and leads a straight life. One day Megan goes missing. Amy has an idea of what may have happened and leads an effort to find her.

I'd heard about this movie for a while and finally found it on Youtube today. Some say it's incredibly disturbing, some say it's terribly shot with bad acting. Most seem to dislike it. I don't feel strongly about it in any way. It was an average film to me, not worthy of it's reputation but not a waste of time to watch either. I've read about people hating the director Michael Goi for labeling it an educational film. I tend to agree with that label. This kind of stuff is a worst cast scenario that can and does happen. It serves as a warning of sorts to oblivious parents who don't protect their daughters enough or raise them well. It's a warning of the dangers that exist via technology and the internet.

With that being said, the extremely obnoxiously drawn out screaming and the ridiculously long scene of someone digging a hole (12 mins. long) ensure I would never rewatch this interesting but forgettable film. I'm sure Michael Goi intended the digging scene to build a sense of dread or something but that didn't work for me. It was long, boring, and unnecessary. The found footage aspects were done well enough and so were the media reports. The acting isn't as bad as people claim either. Overall the plot was alright. Check it out if you're bored and can't decide which one of the thousands of superior films you'd like to watch today.

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