The Autopsy

The Autopsy ★★★★

Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities - Season 1 - Episode 3

Millbrook is a small town, plain as Jane. That is until people begin to go missing. Then a strange object shaped like a grenade of sorts, triggers an explosion in a mine, killing some of the miners on shift. Long time sheriff Nick Craven calls in his old friend, Dr. Carl Winters, to do the autopsies on the bodies. Dr. Winters is dying from cancer, but answers the call. What he discovers is something ancient and evil. Something that endangers all of mankind.

The Autopsy is the third installment in Netflix's horror anthology series Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities and it's the best one thus far. The acting is great, especially in regard to F. Murray Abraham, who does a fantastic job playing the dying old medical examiner, open minded and loyal to his friend. It's also shot in impressive fashion with both good CGI and practical FX. One cool looking CGI scene in particular comes to mind in which the camera zooms in on the hairs on the back of a person's neck standing up. That was awesome. The look of the corpses was also impressive, with the makeup crew doing a tremendous job.

The Autopsy is a great example of science fiction / horror done right. heavy dialogue and FX drive this plot home until the last ten or fifteen minutes where the payoff is worth the buildup in spade. Is it original? Not really. We've seen this done before, but it's rare to see it done so well. If for some reason you've watched the first two episodes of Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities and find yourself dissatisfied, give it one more chance by popping this one in. It could just redeem the show for you. I personally loved it.

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