Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

WOWWWWWW. Idek where to start. Most definitely need a rewatch for multiple reasons so this will not be the last you’ll hear from me about this. Wowowowowow

First of all this was not an optimal viewing experience unfortunately! The stupid bastards next to us were laughing NONSTOP. Like I can’t even describe how horrific it was and part of the reason I cried so much was because of how frustrated I was. Some people need mute buttons it’s true!! 

Also I think I missed some good parts (it all feels unmissable though) bc I was… you guessed it! Peeing. Bladder is in its strengthening process as we speak. I promise we’ll get better! 

Anyways. The movie. INSANITY!!!!!!!! An absolutely perfect heart wrenching heartwarming ride. Beautiful spectacular brilliant all around

The cast oh my god. They need to hold another Oscars NOW so I can see Michelle yeoh get handed her award ASAP. She is absolutely incredible and it’s astonishing that it’s taken so long for someone to see that in her because it’s always been there. And Ke Huy Quan… the only person who can take a 40 year break from acting and still manage to steal every scene he’s in. My little Data is all grown up and he’s fucking killing it!!!! Stephanie hsu killed it as well and slayedddd all the outfits omgg

Editing was incredible. Wonderful wonderful work like actually perfect

Idk what else to say. I’m sure I’ll come back with much much more though rest assured. Couldn’t get as into it as I wanted bc of the vile fucks making so much noise next to us but it still WRECKED me. I don’t even know what happened to me but it was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Go see it right now please. Run don’t walk bitches!!!!!!!!!

Edit: can’t believe I neglected to mention thee James Hong. Obviously the icon ate this up and I’m obsessed with how he’s still going just as hard ugh love him

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