Lamb ★★★½

GUESS WHO DIDNT PEE!!!!!! I made it you guys!!! The last half hour was a struggle but I did it… this is a big moment…

Ada is so cute vibes… so freaking adorable idk. Her little boots. Love 

Idk what this was!!! From what I could tell it was an allegory about marriage and what a miscarriage and having/not having/not being able to have a child can do to one as well as the animal urge to have raise and protect a child. So it was cool that I think I could decipher the message! But I think it didn’t really know what it was and a lot of the messages I think they were trying to send got muddled and only partially came to fruition

Also the end reaaally threw me off. Wtf was that. ?. 

The setting and cinematography were absolutely breathtaking though. So insanely beautiful I loved it

I also really liked the way they used silence and didn’t rely on a score to do all of the sound work. I loveee a good score but some movies don’t need one! And that’s ok!

Really great performances, I think this was much more demanding for the actors bc there wasn’t a lot of dialogue and they all did a great job! 

So yeah. Pretty good!

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